July 4, 2015
4th of July Celebration
Fireworks Display updates:
Expanded seating is available in Brothers' Park!
Please also be aware of the road closures.
Please click the links for more information and maps of the
seating area, road closures, and parade route
 4th of July
 Please see this PRESS RELEASE regarding the 2015 updates for the Independence Day parade, events in Memorial Park, and fireworks display at Brothers' Park.


The City of Caldwell - Code Enforcement

We all work together to make Caldwell a beautiful community. The City of Caldwell's Community Development Department would like to remind you to be proactive in tending to the appearance of your community.  If you become aware of any violations to the city code click here.

Common Violations of Caldwell City Code:

  • Abandoned Vehicles – inoperable or unlicensed vehicles parked on the street, on your private property, or business property open to the public.
  • Trash and Debris – trash and debris must be removed from all premises.
  • Semi-Trucks with Trailers – Not allowed to be parked on any residential street or alley, other than for loading and unloading cargo.
  • Graffiti – Owners are responsible for removing graffiti from their property.
  • Weeds8 inch high maximum. Owners are responsible for weed maintenance to the middle of alleys and ditches and out to the curb or pavement on streets.
  • Commercial Property Appearance - All commercial property and structures must be kept in a neat, orderly and clean condition to include landscaping. Accumulation of dirt on or about a building is prohibited.
  • Dogs - Only three dogs per residence are allowed within city limits and each dog requires a license. Dogs are not allowed to run loose or bark excessively. 


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Events and Highlights

 CIty News

4th of July Parade and Vendor Forms - 2015

  City of Caldwell Spring 2015 - Mayor's Newsletter - Click Here 


Caldwell Update

Update on City of Caldwell Engineering Department Projects - CLICK here 

New City Hall Hours of Operation Effective January 2015

Location:  411 Blaine Street

7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.