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Mayor Garret L. Nancolas

Mayor Nancolas with his granddaughter Lily

 Mayor Garret L. Nancolas
 and his granddaughter



A Note from the Mayor

Welcome to the City of Caldwell. I have had the privilege of serving the City of Caldwell and this wonderful community for nearly 20 years.
In that time, I have learned that the single most important unit in society is the family. Caldwell is an extraordinary place to live and raise a family. Caldwell is surrounded by beautiful agricultural land and is just a short drive to mountains, lakes and rivers where families can recreate and enjoy mother nature. In the City, both visitors and families can experience that small town feel as we currently boast record low crime rates and a fantastic educational system.
In addition, the City of Caldwell is one of the most beautiful and pedestrian friendly cities in the Treasure Valley with Indian Creek running right through the center of town and numerous bike and walking paths for families to enjoy.

Caldwell also has the best citizens and business owners who make you feel right at home whether you have lived here your entire life, just moved to town or are simply passing through.
As mayor, I am proud to live in Caldwell and raise my children and grandchildren here as it truly is the Treasure of the Valley.


Garret L. Nancolas






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Bring your business to Caldwell - Red Carpet Program

The City of Caldwell has launched the Red Carpet Program to help provide comprehensive customer service to businesses locating to or expanding in Caldwell. The city has assembled a team of specialists in city departments to assist customers through various stages of the permitting and review processes. The team is composed of representatives from the city's engineering, fire, building safety, and planning and zoning departments. Team members will shepherd business owners and their teams through the permitting and inspection process from start to finish. The Red Carpet Team's main goals are to provide exceptional service and to deliver projects as rapidly as possible.


For more information on the Red Carpet Program and bringing your business to Caldwell, please contact:

Jarom Wagoner, Senior City Planner, at, or (208) 455-4662.



For more information about tax incentives available when locating to or expanding in Caldwell, please contact Steve Fultz, Economic Development Director for the City of Caldwell at or (208) 615-6135.




The Red Carpet Program was implemented in May 2014 and has received many wonderful responses from new Caldwell businesses, including this letter posted below.
Mr. Multanen of Best Bath was exceptionally wonderful to work with. Thank you for your kind letter. View Best Bath's letter here.



The College of Idaho Annual Mayor's Cup

Click the photo for a news article from the College of Idaho.

C of I wins Mayors cup AGAIN!

The Mayor's Cup trophy will remain at city hall another year! 
Congrats to the College of Idaho men's basketball team. 
We are so proud of your efforts. 
The "Go Purple" grassroots movement continues in Caldwell. 
Throughout basketball season, wear purple
(C of I gear preferred) on Purple Fridays

and receive a discount from Caldwell businesses displaying Go Purple signs!
Caldwell Saves 1st - The mayor's higher education savings initiative
Caldwell 1st graders are saving for college. 
Read more about this Mayor's initiative.
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