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Caldwell Road Closures

This portion of the Street Department website is here to provide you a list of current and upcoming road closure information related to all City Department caused road closures in the City of Caldwell.  Road closures caused by other agencies such as the Department of Transportation on non-city maintained roadways or roadways outside of the Caldwell city limits will not appear here.  For questions or comments about this portion of our website, please call the Caldwell Street Department at (208) 455-3072.  

  • (Caldwell) - On September 1 until December 15 there will be lane closures along sections of N. 1st Avenue, E. Kearney street, N. Illinois Avenue, Marble Front Road, N. Indiana Avenue, Hillcrest Lane, and Mountain View Avenue. Track Utilities will be trenching and boring roadways to install new fiber optic cable. Information signs will be posted and traffic control setups will be moved as affected construction area progresses down the roadway.
  • (Caldwell) - On September 24 until October 15 there will be a lane closure at Denver Street & 16th Avenue. Wallace Bros Inc. will be relocating a water line. Information signs will be posted and flaggers will direct traffic.
  • (Caldwell) - On September 28 until October 28 there will be lane closures on N. 5th Avenue, Galveston Street, N. 3rd Avenue, and Illinois Avenue. Idaho Power will be working on overhead power line maintenance. Information signs will be posted and flaggers will direct traffic.
  • (Caldwell) - On October 7 until October 30 there will be road closures on 5th Avenue between Belmont Street & Main Street, on Albany Street between 5th Avenue & 6th Avenue, and the alleyway between Albany Street & Belmont Street. Welch Excavating Inc. will be installing electrical conduit. Road closure signs will be posted and detour signs will direct traffic.
  • (Caldwell) - On October 7 between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. there will be a road closure on 22nd Avenue between Stocktrail Road & Arthur Street and there will be shoulder work on Stocktrail Road. Caldwell Water Department will be working on a sewer lift station. road closure signs will  be posted and traffic cones will be placed on the fog line of Stocktrail Road.






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